UEA Students Get Access to World-Leading Anatomy App

The Library at UEA is always investing in innovative ways of delivering information to support students in their studies here. Following feedback from placement students in particular, the Library has purchased a licence which allows students to download the world’s leading anatomy app for free!

Complete Anatomy from 3D4 allows users to learn, make notes, and interact with a 3D model, and UEA becomes one of the first universities in Britain to make the tool available to its students for free. Watch this video to find out more about what the app can do:

Want to download your copy?

At the moment, the app is available to iPhone, iPad, PC/Mac users with compatible devices and an Android version is coming in Autumn (3D4 is currently developing this and UEA’s licence will cover the Android version as soon as it is released).

Click here for instructions for downloading your free copy of Complete Anatomy now

Tell us what you think

The Library has invested in this app for the remainder of the 2017-18 academic year (until the end of September) and we are keen to know if it is useful to you so we know if this is something to invest in longer term. Send feedback to the Medicine & Health Librarian at matthew.j.smith@uea.ac.uk

Our goal is to buy the resources you need for your studies so do tell us what you think and if there are other resources you think would aid your studies, whether they be books, e-resources, apps, or anything else, do tell your librarian – we are here to help.

Get the app now

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